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The expeditionary vessel, the Boutez en Avant, is a San Francisco Pelican. It was designed in 1959 by Captain William Short, a steam tugboat commander and 35 year veteran of the merchant service. Captain Short began his life at sea during World War II in the India Burma Campaign where he frequently sailed Sampans, dhows, and other native craft. After returning from the war, he used these experiences as inspiration to create a heavy weather sailing dinghy for his children to learn to sail in the choppy waters and gusty winds of the San Francisco Bay. The Pelican is an extremely stable and safe dinghy. It is completely decked over, has protective cockpit combings and more than generous freeboard. Constructed of plywood, it has a length overall of 12' 2 1/2", a beam of 6' 1 3/4", a draft with the centerboard up of 4", a draft with the centerboard down of 4', and flies a total of 105 sq. feet of sail. We purchased the plans for the Boutez en Avant from Capt. Short’s widow, Muriel Short, who still lives in the bay area and operates the San Francisco Pelican Boats Company.