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john wanzel

in enjoyed seeing your presentation at the gallery and look forward to hearing about your progress.

John Llewellyn

I heard about you from my friend John Flak, who is drunkenly enamoured with your dauntless pursuit of Mt. Baldy.
Commonplace exploration is where it's at, unless you're going way underground, way underwater, or to Mars!
It sounds like quite a project. There are rumors of a "phantom forest" mouldering away beneath the sands of Baldy-maybe your voyage can shed some light on this fantastical tale.
As for reading resources, there's a book called "The Last Place on Earth" about Amundsen and Scott's competing trips to the S. Pole. There's a good reason Amundsen succeeded and survived, and Scott died. Amundsen had respect for nature and prepared well, and Scott was a pantywaist/dilettante who couldn't bear to eat muktuk for sustenance. Anyway, a fascinating read and very useful for explorers of your ilk.
If you have any sailing questions, I'd be happy to help!
Best of luck!


Thanks for your visit today. I look forward to working with the two of you through out the summer. Perhaps next week we can discuss arranging regular public discussions monthly that would correspond with the news letters update?

bill berger

hey, i stumbled across this while i was on google... but it looks great... let me know if you need any help with anything... being jobless i am more then willing to donate my time... hope all is well...

bill berger

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